Hi! I’m Joel Brouwer and this is my blog. There are many like it but this one is mine. For years I kept a journal of reactions to books, movies, albums, cities, museums, etc., but some time back I decided to move that enterprise to this format. I had two reasons. First, it’s my standing policy to investigate phenomena I find both attractive and repellent, such as twelve-tone music, crawfish, and blogging. Second, I imagined I’d press myself to be a bit smarter in these entries if I was aware of a possibility, however remote, that others might read them. That last said, I pivot to caveat: these jottings are not careful considered critiques but knee-jerk reactions, written in the immediate aftermath of reading, watching, or listening, and so are certain to contain dumbnesses, solecisms, and regrettables. They are what they are; I stand by them only inasmuch as I would by a drunk friend. Thanks for your visit.